PPC Marketing

We are a Certified Google Partner

PPC or Pay-Per-Click online advertising allows your brand to appear at the top of the results page for relevant terms and phrases. Also called paid search or Google advertising, PPC gets you in front of the people looking for solutions you have to offer to their problems.

While, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you gain consistent organic traffic, PPC ads get you immediate, targeted, measurable results.

Ideally, PPC advertisements are the topmost search results on search engines, accompanied by the term “Ad” and the banner ads you usually see on the sides of websites. PPC is a short-term paid effort to attract maximum clicks that ultimately drive conversions.

So, you’re typically paying for the ad space to increase the possibility of reaching more customers. However, generating qualified PPC leads depends on many variables and question marks. There’s more to PPC lead generation than:

·        Industry-related keywords

·        Catchy headlines

·        Appropriate CTAs

·        Ad extensions, etc.

At SBO Buzz, we can help you customize your Google Ads strategy and formulate PPC campaigns that work. If you’re a small business looking to promote your brand with professional lead generation, optimize your PPC advertising campaigns with us. 

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