The internet has become the greatest resource and the greatest challenge to small businesses today.

Before the internet, rating and review websites and social media, small businesses built their reputations through word of mouth. New referrals came from satisfied customers and other Small Business Owners. In today’s world of information overload, nearly all potential customers are going online first, and many will do so from their mobile device while they are already on their way.

With Yelp being the dominate player in review websites for small businesses and their services and other new sites rising to prominence, it can be overwhelming to anyone trying to run their business. Negative reviews, comments and claims can be made by anyone at any time. In many cases you may not even be aware of the review because there is no notification system in place from the some of the sites.

Small Business Owners are sometimes unable to make an appropriate response to or dispute what was written in a meaningful or useful way because they don’t know what to say, how to say it or because it takes too much time. This forces the business owner to either ignore the situation or resort to hiring a lawyer. There is a better solution. In this new age, it is imperative that you develop, cultivate, maintain and own your online reputation IMMEDIATELY!

SBO Buzz: Your Social Media and Reputation Management Solution

SBO Buzz was founded to help Small Business Owners of all types to build, extend, manage and maintain their online presence. We assist your small business by managing your online reputation and posting content on social media websites to expand your business through educating your current customers and engaging new customers.

  • Monitoring, updating and managing important rating and review sites
  • Providing strategic recommendations for response to both positive and negative online reviews
  • Setting up social sites and posting content to increase traffic to your website
  • Developing tools to help you cultivate online reviews from your customers
  • Helping you market your business online to potential customers
  • Aligning your online presence to current business location and information
  • Anything else that you may need to ensure your online presence is as strong
    as it can be

SBO Buzz: Your Digital Marketing Partner

In addition to Reputation and Social Media Management, SBO has extensive experience in helping Small Business Owners navigate digital marketing. We are a Google Partner and a DesignRush Accredited Agency. We have the technical skills to support your business with Google Ads. Our goal is to support your business by taking the challenges of digital marketing off your plate.